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Saving Money 101

How to Save More and Spend Less Saving money is an important aspect of personal finance, and it can be challenging to figure out how to do it effectively. There are many different ways to save money, and the right approach for you will depend on your financial goals and circumstances. In this blog, we…

How to retire as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)

The Complete Guide: How to Retire as a Stay-at-Home Mom by Funding Tax Free Retirement Accounts The goal of this post is to help you understand the benefits of retirement accounts and how you can start saving early as a SAHM (Stay at home mom). Retirement accounts are a great way to save for your…

3 Accounts You NEED for SAVINGS and to pay off DEBT

The path to financial freedom may not be easy, but it sure is rewarding and one of the steps is knowing what accounts you need to start the journey. WANT TO GET OUT OF DEBT, SAVE $, AND HAVE SUPPORT ALONG THE WAY? JOIN OUR GROUP: BUDGETS & BENJAMINS on FACEBOOK! #1 – EMERGENCY FUND…

The path to savings

Plus a free savings tracker! Do you dream of wealth and riches? Stacks of gold bars and luxury cars…Or maybe just being better off than you are now? I think we’ve all had those thoughts a time or two, okay… every day. We are all on different journeys so it would make sense that our…


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Hi, I’m Andrea. Previously a book editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love writing about my fascination with food, adventure, and living a healthy and organized life!

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